Diving for Treasure: Critical Thinking and Action...


Program Description:

A physical therapist sees a patient who has been sent home from the ER twice. She identifies deteriorating neurological symptoms, contacts the neurologist, and gets lifesaving help for the patient. Another agency patient ends up in the ER in fluid overload, gasping for breath, because the home care nurse did not check weight trends at every visit. What made the difference in these two situations? The answer is critical thinking and action - or the lack thereof.

Participants in this webinar will learn what critical thinking and clinical reasoning are and how to build a critical thinking framework into daily home health care clinical practice. Clinicians will assess their own critical thinking attributes and skills. They will learn how to delve for relevant information, how to recognize patterns and how to apply intuition and clinical experience to patient care. The session will also explore how to think critically under extreme pressure, how to build a repertoire of resources, the role of computers and clinical guidelines in critical thinking and how to identify and manage assumptions and bias. Participants in this interactive session will participate in case study analyses and critical thinking exercises.

Program Objectives:

  • Define critical thinking and clinical reasoning in the home care setting
  • Describe how to build a critical thinking framework into daily practice
  • Select appropriate actions to address root causes of clinical problems
  • Explain how to avoid assumptions and biases in clinical reasoning
  • List of resources for critical thinking


Barbara Katz, RN, MSN, President, BK Healthcare Consulting, is an experienced clinician, manager, trainer, and health care consultant. She is a graduate of the Yale School of Nursing, and she holds a Certificate in Training and Development from Fairfield University. Barbara has been a winner of the Judith A. Hriceniak Award for Excellence in Nursing Leadership from the Connecticut Association for HealthCare at Home. She is the author of the book from JB Barlett Learning, Connecting Care for Patients, Interdisciplinary Care Transitions and Collaboration.

6/22/2022 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Eastern Daylight Time

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