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Advance Care Planning


Advance Care Planning is a process through which people can communicate their healthcare preferences in the event they become unable to express them directly -- for example, the amount of pain that would be bearable during curative treatment vs. a comfort-only approach.   Advance Care Planning requires both meaningful thought and documentation via a proxy directive, instructive directive, POLST form or other document.

Below are a few documents that may be helpful:

Five Wishes is a form of advance directive accepted in every state, written in layman's terms: https://fivewishes.org

New Jersey's Advanced Directive Form is available at https://www.nj.gov/health/advancedirective/ad/forums-faqs

More information regarding POLST may be found on the NJ Hospital Association's POLST web page http://www.njha.com/polst

Hospices using POLST forms with patients may want to review the POLST Hospice Model Policy at http://www.njha.com/media/85302/PolstHospiceModelPolicy.pdf

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