The CMS Final CY 2023 Home Health Rule has been at the center of attention this week. The entire industry was in anticipation of the final decision related to the proposed cuts. CMS originally proposed a 7.69% permanent rate adjustment based on the conclusion that HHAs were overpaid in 2020 and 2021 due to provider behavior changes in coding and services provided. The Final Rule finalized a 2023 rate reduction at 3.925%. This represents one-half of the 7.85% rate reduction that CMS calculated as warranted under its methodology. CMS explains lower adjustment rate being implemented due to “we [CMS] recognize the potential hardship of implementing the full -7.85% permanent adjustment in a single year.”
The National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) has been advocating for the entire industry and intends to continue the advocacy efforts in the future. According to William Dombi, President of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, “We now turn to Congress to correct what CMS has done and prevent the impending harm to the 3.2 million highly vulnerable home health patients that depend on this essential Medicare benefit annually. Even with the limited phase-in of the rate cut, with significantly rising costs for staff, transportation, and more, home health agencies across the country cannot withstand the impact of rate cuts.”
Below is a summary of the key components of the Final Rule: 
  • net 4.0% inflation update (4.1% Market Basket Index – 0.1% Productivity Adjustment).
  • CY2023 adjustment of 3.925% Budget Neutrality permanent adjustment “related to provider behavior changes triggered by PDGM.
  • Recalibration of the 432 case mix weights.
  •  Modification of the LUPA thresholds.
  •  Institution of 5% cap on negative changes in the area-specific wage index effective CY 2023. 
  • Home Health Quality Reporting Program (HH QRP)
  •  Beginning in 2027, HHAs will be required to submit OASIS Data on all payers. 
  • CMS finalized the proposed amendments to the model baseline year from CY 2019 to CY 2022 starting in the CY 2023
  •  CMS will begin data collection for the use of telecommunications technology voluntarily by January 1, 2023 and become mandatory on claims by July of 2023.  CMS has further clarified that does not mean that such services are considered "visits" for purposes of eligibility or payment, such data will not be used or factored into case-mix weights or count toward outlier payments or the LUPA threshold per payment period.  CMS will establish G-codes for identifying when home health services are furnished using:
  • synchronous telemedicine rendered via a real-time two-way audio and video telecommunications system;
  • synchronous telemedicine rendered via telephone or other real-time interactive audio-only telecommunications system; and
  • the collection of physiologic data digitally stored and/or transmitted by the patient to the home health agency (remote patient monitoring).
  • Data collection using the G-codes would begin voluntarily by January 1, 2023 and become mandatory on claims by July of 2023.


The Home Care & Hospice Association of NJ serves multiple functions. In addition to lobbying on behalf of members, we also produce educational programs. Our webinars, workshops and conferences ensure members and their staff are up to date on the latest industry clinical guidelines, business administration practices and other timely topics. View upcoming events or register for a program. Additionally, our directory of industry partners features businesses that specialize in working with home care and hospice agencies and providers. In short, joining the Association provides valuable information that every home health and/or hospice service needs to run a thriving, compliant business. 
Make sure your home health or hospice service is always up to date on everything going on in the industry and has everything in place so it can succeed— join the Home Care & Hospice Association of NJ today. For more information, call (732) 877-1100 or contact us. 

2022 HCHANJ Annual Conference

HCHANJ is excited to announce The Northeast Home Health Leadership Summit. 

Along with Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home; Home Care & Hospice Alliance of Maine; Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts; Home Care, Hospice & Palliative Care Alliance of New Hampshire; Home Care Association of New York State; New York State Association of Health Care Providers; Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care; and VNAs of Vermont, we present the premier gathering and once-a-year opportunity for home care agency executives from New England, New York and New Jersey to come together.

 It provides a unique venue to network with peers from around the Northeast and hear about the landscape of issues affecting services in the region. You’ll learn the trends affecting providers in nearby states (including broader ideas that will help you in your organizational planning), while you participate in exceptional workshops and expert presenter focus topics.

If your organization is a member of the Home Care & Hospice Association of NJ, you are welcome to take advantage of the member discount!

Registration is open at

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The Home Care & Hospice Association of NJ is comprised of licensed home health agencies, health care service firms and hospices. We spearhead educational and advocacy programs that equip health care providers to deliver quality care, optimize business practices and comply with industry standards. 
The association supports its members in delivering comprehensive care that adheres to regulatory and quality standards while helping providers manage sound businesses. We communicate, educate and advocate for our members, as well as their patients and families.

EVV Document Center

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Mental Heath First Aid Dec 6 @ 12pm - 4pm

Emergency Preparedness is Everyone’s Responsibility

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Why Pursue an Online Nurse Practitioner Program in New Jersey

New Jersey has one of the top annual salaries and levels of employment for nurse practitioners (NPs)—the average take-home salary being $120,786. NPs help care for patients throughout their entire treatment plan, often treating, diagnosing, and encouraging healthy living. In many states, nurse practitioners can practice without the supervision of a physician. 

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